Selecting Furniture with a Nod to the Poconos

Selecting Furniture with a Nod to the Poconos

  • Five Tips for Using Barbeques in an Area Prone to Wildfires

    If you live in a wildfire zone and you love to cook on the BBQ, you need to ensure that you are doing it safely. There are several elements to keep in mind as you prepare and use your outdoor cooking space. Here are some tips to consider. 1. Clear the area around your BBQ. As you live in a wildfire area, you likely have a lot of brush around. In many cases, the law allows you to clear trees within 10 metres of buildings on your property and brush within 50 metres.

  • Cabinet Makers | 3 Considerations When Installing Handles On Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Installing cabinets is an excellent way to infuse storage space into your kitchen without cluttering up the space. Once the cabinetmakers have installed them, you need to consider the type of handles you desire, as the final step of the installation process. Cabinet handles come in different styles, colours, sizes and shapes, so you need to consider these factors when planning the handles with your cabinetmakers. Establish Comfort During Operation

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Interior Paint for Your Home

    Not all paints are created equal, which is why there are so many varieties available when you visit a local paint store. Choosing the right type of paint is just as important as choosing the colour, as you want a paint that will clean up easily and which will give you a smooth finish over the walls or ceiling you're going to cover. The type of paint you choose may also affect how well the colour is retained over the years.

  • Don't Overlook These Important Factors When Remodeling Your Home's Kitchen

    Remodelling your home's kitchen is a great way to add value and style to your home and to give you the space you need. A kitchen remodel can also mean having a kitchen that works for your needs in particular. Before you take on such a remodelling project, however, you want to ensure that you don't overlook any important factors that may cause some regret down the road. Note a few of those here.

  • The Perfect Dining Suite for a Family with Children: Five Critical Ideas for Parents

    You want a big table for happy family dinners, but you have a slightly wild brood of kiddos who can be hard on your belongings. If this description fits you, you are not alone. Many people pine for a dining set that is beautiful but still strong enough to withstand living with children. While shopping for the perfect dining suite (at establishments like Baker & Shuhandler), keep these four ideas in mind:

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    Selecting Furniture with a Nod to the Poconos

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